Save The Date: 2020 Giving Tuesday

Donations to the Houston BARC Foundation for 2020 are 64% lower than this time last year, and we have been unable to host any special events to raise important funds.  In anticipation of GIVING TUESDAY on December 1st, can you help us get back to some sense of “normalcy” through a donation to ensure that BARC can continue to get as many animals as possible to their forever homes?

Last month, staff members cared for two litters of 1-3 week-old kittens through the night until a foster family was able to take over their around-the-clock care.

Through the combined efforts of Friends of BARC and the Houston BARC Foundation, BARC is currently installing a brand-new DIGITAL X-RAY MACHINE, which will help vet staff quickly assess injuries, look at momma dogs to assess their pregnancies and evaluate the advancement of heartworm disease prior to administering treatment.

BARC is looking for plush toy donations as their current supply is getting low!  Plush toys keep BARC’s animals company between staff visits.

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