Happy Tail: Dodger

Dodger, A Happy Tail

Dodger was rescued at BARC by a volunteer organization called Frisky Paws Rescue. He was picked up with a broken leg. The wound was so open, you could see the bone. When Frisky Paws took Dodger to the vet, they initially thought amputation was the answer. Fortunately, they were able to save his leg through hydrotherapy. After a few months, his leg healed, and he was ready for adoption. He needed a foster home, but finding a home for a 40-pound dog is no easy feat. My husband and I decided a dog his size needed some training and room to run. (He was living at the vet because there were no foster homes.) We brought him home and got assistance from Man’s Best Friend to train him.

We fostered Dodger for a couple of months. One evening, Dodger took a protective stance between three drunk men and me. Dodger may be a funny, furry goofball, but he was NOT going to let anyone close to me if I felt uncomfortable. Those men walked away, and Dodger resumed his potty training. I cried that night and decided Dodger had already adopted us. We didn’t take him to the next adoption event. We are the proud parents of a very smart and very well-trained doggie!

Most people are mistaken in thinking they are a no-kill shelter. BARC simply doesn’t have enough room or resources. There is only room for just over 500 pets. BARC takes in over 35,000 animals a year.


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